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About MSSI

Medical Support Systems, Inc.’s division of healthcare services, MSSI X-Ray, provides high quality diagnostic medical services and 24 hour results turn-around. Our Board Certified, State Licensed Radiologists utilize teleradiology for immediate results.

MSSI provides a turnkey solution for radiological services. Our requirements are minimal to include approximately 600 square feet of exam and office space for fixed x-ray equipment installation, a film-processing area, and separate office area for teleradiology and records maintenance.

MSSI has a credentialing service to provide its clients with quality, licensed personnel. We staff State Licensed and Board Certified Physicians and Specialists. Our technologists are State Licensed and A.R.R.T, nationally certified. Transcriptionists are staffed after hours and provide preliminary reports to the Radiologists by the following morning. Final reports are delivered and electronically signed within 24 hours.

All MSSI clinic locations are HIPAA and OSHA compliant and our staff is trained to provide the highest quality of patient care.

Medical Support Systems, Inc. has been providing medical diagnostic x-ray evaluations for America’s Heroes over the past 10 years. We are proud to be a part of insuring premium healthcare to all branches of the United States military.

If you are a medical provider and are interested in a turn-key diagnostic x-ray suite or Radiology Department within or nearby your facility, contact Medical Support Systems, Inc.